Thursday, December 18, 2014

Saddled Up & Ready to Go!!!

All buckled in & ready to go for a short drive...

Then we get out & walk & run & sniff....

Hmm...something mighty interesting in the leaves...

We don't want to jinx it or nuthin'...but no snow!! Wha-hoo!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Willing Student....

We enjoyed our first class of Puppy Kindergarden..and not that we are ones to brag...but Liesel did awesome....we were told how great we did! She is a quick learner..and a willing participant.

She is very timid & shy of new people and will bark at other dogs..but that will come in time. She already has mastered "Watch"...when she makes direct eye contact with me (since one person trains with the dog)..and can already hold eye contact for a count of 3 or 4...then she hears a click...and knows a treat is coming.

We practice at least 3-4 times daily...short sessions...

The instructors were pretty smitten with her & have fallen in love with her name too!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Liesel's First Day of School!!

Today....Liesel goes to school...we are all set with treat pouch & clickers. Class sizes are small....(max of four) should be fun! We have some work to with any puppy..we need to work on some areas...such as:

#1 - Barking & lunging at people and/or other dogs especially when out walking..
#2 - Puppy nipping at hands & feet..

These are not huge issues...but we want to "nip" them in the bud..after 4 weeks of puppy K...we begin Basic Obedience.

In Liesel's defence..she has learned so much in less than three weeks since she arrived..

#1 - She knows her name...and comes running when called (treat reward optional...but that is the method)
#2 - She has learned to walk on harness & walking a sheep..she is everywhere...but still doing well...
#3 - And this is a big one...she is not quite as fearful of cars & large trucks...but that is a work in progress.
#4 - She loves the car & curls up in her seat & snoozes..

Potty going well...for a doxie...schedule & repetition is permitting..we walk a couple of times a day...rain is simply not tolerated...

Now....who is up for a good old fashioned tug of war??

Wanna see who won?

Seriously? Does she need to be in my bed? (cause apparently she eats hers!!)

Pee S ** Liesel sends big waves to her family in Ontario! Thank you for allowing her to join our family!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rain, Rain & More Rain....

Everyone knows dachshunds usually hate the rain....and Liesel is no exception to that rule. We've been having torrential rain here for the last 24 getting her to do her busy-ness outside has been a challenge...

This was hubby out in the swampy back yard this morning...yep...the umbrella over her...

Santa Paws needs to bring her a rain coat!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We Need This Sign....

Liesel is Oskar's under-study in guard dog duty...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Oskar!!!!!

Here's to many more days relaxin' in the sun!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yeah....I Think Oskar Likes Her...

We are waiting to hear the results of Oskar's blood & urine tests done yesterday & we are increasing his IBS medication from one per day to two per day.

UPDATE* - The test results are in & Oskar will remain on the kidney medication..and the blood anlysis range was ok (since Osk is administered Metacam regularly for his back...testing his liver function is important). So...all is good & we will continue to retest every 6 months.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dawgie Update.....

Oskar has a vet appointment tomorrow...Mama spoke with Dr. Condon & advised that Oskar's IBS is flaring up about once a we need to get that under control...the medication no longer seems to be helping & it's also time for urine testing to check his kidney function. Keeping our paws crossed that we get our boy feeling better.

Liesel & Mama did a little retail any sweaters we have are too big...these pretty pink ones fit perfectly. We will be needing a treat pouch for Puppy Kindergarden next month, so we picked that up & a tag with Liesel inscribed on it & a big, nubbly Nylabone to chew on. And roasted marrow bones are a favourite item for are Dad's slippers.

And the new car seat arrived...since Benson grew out of his smaller car seat, Mama gave him Schatzi's seat. When Liesel arrived...a new car was ordered & it arrived yesterday! Dad just needs to hook it up in the back seat...and we're good to go!!