Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kibble Quandry

It seems my local Global Pet Food store will no longer be carrying our brand of kibble. Because Solid Gold will not purchase back any unsold bags from Global, the store stopped carrying Solid Gold months ago, however, they have been able to order it in -usually on a monthly basis.

Due to "difficulties with the company", Global will no longer be carrying Solid Gold products. And DVP Natural Balance will also no longer be sold. (my preferred second choice).

So, I have spent the last few days doing some research to find a new dog food formula comparable to Solid Gold Holistique Blendz. In checking with the Guaranteed Analysis, it appears Wellness is similiar in percentages of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, caleries/cup, etc., with Solid Gold.

I need to confirm with Global that Wellness will be carried in their shop. In the meantime, we still have approx. 15 lbs. of Solid Gold before we make the slow switch.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hittin' The Trail!

Today was a perfect day to pack up the anipals and explore the Confederation Trail behind UPEI and the Atlantic Veterinary College.

Co-pilot Oskar reporting for duty!

A sneak peek at a small portion of the trail (which spans the entire Island from West to East, tip to tip).

Schatzi, giving the trail her paw of approval!

Oskar & Xena - sniffing and exploring.

The trail follows along behind the AVC, which was hosting their Annual Open House! Lots of activities going on - Schatzi stopped to say hello to a friendly beagle!

Xena networking with another beagle and some kids who were quite smitten seeing three wieners!

And look who we happen to meet out for his morning walk, but a friendly dachshund - named Quincy! Obviously a huge hit with Schatzi & Xena. Oskar on the other hand, not quite so smitten with him, but did manage a quick snarl.

We continued on our walk, passing the busy Charlottetown Farmer's Market.

Next to the Farmer's Market is a Duck's Unlimited marsh, a protected area (and right in the heart of the city!) Some cute ducks having an early morning swim.

A few cat tails growing along the trail.

Just to show how close the marsh is to civilization - you can see the Atlantic Superstore in the foreground.

Xena gets sacked! Our little lowrider got a bit wobbly & tired from all the walking, so she was safely tucked into her Outward Hound bag. (which she loves).

We finished our outing with a quick look at the preparations underway at the University for the 2009 Canada Summer games.

The course for the track and field events.

Since it was near noon, it was time to head for home & have a much needed snack.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Has Definately Arrived!

Huge Harvest Moon the other night - not a great shot - but it was beautiful!

A few random shots from the weekend:

Xena & Shatzi sharing a marrow bone - each has an end!

Two tuckered wieners - hunkered down for the night!

Oskar - bumming food long distance - snapped this while we were having lunch!

And a couple of shots of our weekend entertainment - the never ending deck construction. So proud of hubby - he is doing an amazing job!

The pool company is coming in a couple of weeks, to close the pool for the winter. *sniff*

Hubs partially covered with kritterkins!

Had an interesting conversation with a lady at lunchtime, while I was out with the pack. (I often wonder if anyone else gets stopped as much as we do when we are out with the kritters). Anyhoo, this friendly woman stops her car, hops out & comes running over the see the crew - exclaiming how it made her day to see us! Countless times we get stopped by people & we are only too happy to stop and chat about our favourite subject!

Met a neighbour the other day, as well. Seems he and "Chub" (gorgeous black lab) are thinking of adding a pool and they stopped to see how we were progressing. I measure a person's worth by how they treat their companion & it was plain to see Chub was very well care for & loved. It's amazing how many people we meet-simply because we have a common bond - our pets. And were it not for them - we would likely just pass people by, without ever getting to know anyone. Pets truly do, enrich our lives.

Another reason I am sad to see the summer end. It signals the beginning of colder temps, ultimately followed by snow. And usually, walks come to a halt once those days arrive.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cancer Relay for Life

This isn't about dachshunds, but I wanted to share about the Relay for Life & how proud I am of my sister for being a volunteer this weekend, in my home town.
She explains the last 24 hours -

"The relay for life is an event held for the Canadian Cancer Society. It took place place at the ball diamond and goes for 12 hours. It starts off with a dinner in the high school gym for all cancer survivors & then around 7 p.m., they walk around the roped off area on the ball field behind a bag piper.

After that, all the teams entered take turns walking around the field all night. At 10 p.m. the luminaries are lit, followed by a 2 minute silence for people who have died of cancer. Lighting the luminaries is beautiful, with Girl Guides in the circle holding posters that say "Quiet Please" - you could hear a pin drop for those 2 minutes.

There are games for kids in the gym, food for everyone all night long, a dj provides music and there is a huge bonfire at one end of the field to get warmed up and just talk to people.

All money raised goes to the Canadian Cancer Society. I stayed until 3 a.m. I went back this morning at 7 a.m. for the closing ceremonies and help clean up."

Wow - what an amazing event! Luminaries are sold - my sister lit the luminaries she purchased for our Mom & me. (My Mom passed away a number of years ago & I am a cancer suvivor.) These are the beautiful luminaries purchased in our honour.

I love you sis & thank you for such a beautiful tribute to Mom and me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dachshunds Live Here

If you don't want to be greeted with barks, paws and wagging tails don't come inside - dachshunds live here,
If you don't like the feel of cold noses or wet tongues, don't come inside - dachshunds live here,
If you don't want to step over scattered toys, marrow bones, chewed slippers & kongs, don't come inside - dachshunds live here,
If you think a home should smell of perfume, don't come inside - dachshunds live here

But if you don't mind all this........
Come inside and you will be loved - because dachshunds live here!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miss Gopher Guts!!

It seems Miss Schatzi will never learn to not eat crap from the ground! It is a full time job watching her while out on walks to make sure she doesn't eat something disgusting! Well, apparently last evening I failed in that respect, as some ungawdly hour of the night - I was awakened with the all to familiar chortelling sounds coming from a certain dog bed!

I lept to action & raced with her to the toilet (it beats cleaning it up from the floor!). Seems crane flies & slugs don't mix! Enuf said!

My vet sees no harm in her eating the occassional dried worm from the sidewalk - there are worse sources of protein he claims! To think I spend copious amounts of money to ensure she gets fed the healthiest dog food on the market - when worms & slugs are more to her liking!

Go figure!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bearington Bears=Adorable!!

Love these Bears!

Slow Kind of Sunday

Following a busy day Saturday, spent outside, as usual - working on the pool deck & spreading fill from the excavation. The kritters spent the afternoon snuggling (all three are here - Oskar is buried under the blankies).

Progress on the decking - just a bit more framing to go!

Soon be time to winterize & close the pool for the year. *sigh* There is definately a touch of fall in the air these days............dug out the wienerkins sweaters & wraps so they would be freshly laundered & stacked in the basket at the back door.

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is only one month away! We are looking forward to spending it with the grandfolks in NB!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing Mickey!!

I was finally able to get a couple pictures of the neighbourhood's newest watchdog, Mickey! And let me tell you, it wasn't easy to capture these shots - he is one busy boy!! His Mom (shown here with him) reports he is doing amazing, eating really great, gaining weight (all 4 lbs of him) & potty training 101 is nearly complete!
I couldn't get face shots - he was just sound wound up & excited! Maybe next time.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dachshund Sleighs!

How cute are these for your front lawn this holiday season!! To order, check out

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like Hanna!

To say it's raining today, is an understatement.......more like torrential downpour. It started about mid-morning & hasn't let up.
And the wind has picked up tremendously.

A while ago, there was a clap of thunder like I have never heard before and one bright flash of light! The wienerkins were terrified. Usually, Oskar & Schatzi pay no attention to thunder storms, but today - even they came on the run! All three are currently snuggled under blankies, finally they have stopped trembling.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Is What Happens!

When you roll in the red mud!! But it was so much fun, while it lasted!

Seems a little spotted dog had a great time rolling in the mud - but not too impressed with a quick bath & rinse off in the sink!

Today was spent outdoors, puttering on the deck, putting away patio furniture in prep for Hannah's arrival tomorrow & a wonderful dip in the pool! We took a few minutes and picked some delicious veggies. Fresh corn on the cob - does life get any better?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Schatzi's Annual Check Up

Schatzi underwent her annual check-up today & I'm happy to report she is healthy & hearty! (and down 1 lb!) Her teeth are great, although she has one tooth that is chipped, but the vet sealed it when she had her dental in 2006, so for now, it is fine. (whew!).

Since she was a puppy, she tends to walk (or run) on three legs - very cute, but a true mystery as to why she does this! Upon examination of her hind legs, she has wonderful muscle tone & strong form, so she does use her leg enough. We suspect it is more of a habit, than anything - she feels she needs to "skip" along on three legs! (we do get some odd looks). With no back issue of late (knock on wood) we ode thanks to Vetri Disc. Thankfully, the two discs that are protruding on her spine haven't flared up for a number of months.

So, she passed her inspection for another year! Xena is due next month, I pray she fares as well!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maggie is Adopted

This is Maggie - a mere 9 mth old doxie-mix pup. After numerous weeks in foster care, Maggie has recovered from her spay, immunizations brought up to date, & is now in her new home! She is the third dachshund to be rehomed in PEI in recent months!

Wishing you lots of love Maggie, your new Hoo-Mom is going to enjoy spoiling you!

Monday, September 1, 2008