Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Has Definately Arrived!

Huge Harvest Moon the other night - not a great shot - but it was beautiful!

A few random shots from the weekend:

Xena & Shatzi sharing a marrow bone - each has an end!

Two tuckered wieners - hunkered down for the night!

Oskar - bumming food long distance - snapped this while we were having lunch!

And a couple of shots of our weekend entertainment - the never ending deck construction. So proud of hubby - he is doing an amazing job!

The pool company is coming in a couple of weeks, to close the pool for the winter. *sniff*

Hubs partially covered with kritterkins!

Had an interesting conversation with a lady at lunchtime, while I was out with the pack. (I often wonder if anyone else gets stopped as much as we do when we are out with the kritters). Anyhoo, this friendly woman stops her car, hops out & comes running over the see the crew - exclaiming how it made her day to see us! Countless times we get stopped by people & we are only too happy to stop and chat about our favourite subject!

Met a neighbour the other day, as well. Seems he and "Chub" (gorgeous black lab) are thinking of adding a pool and they stopped to see how we were progressing. I measure a person's worth by how they treat their companion & it was plain to see Chub was very well care for & loved. It's amazing how many people we meet-simply because we have a common bond - our pets. And were it not for them - we would likely just pass people by, without ever getting to know anyone. Pets truly do, enrich our lives.

Another reason I am sad to see the summer end. It signals the beginning of colder temps, ultimately followed by snow. And usually, walks come to a halt once those days arrive.

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