Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mama's Grand-puppy..

Which makes us Aunt Schatzi & Uncle Oskar…to Benson…who is having a little snack as you can see...

Mama says we best get used to him…cause he's gonna be coming over lots this summer, hanging out on the deck with us…testing out the pool..

But we don't gotta like it, right? Darn kid…always poking us with his nose..being a general nuisance & all..he better earn his keep chasing tree rats & crows off our lawn…we're getting kinda old for that type of work...

Ok ok…we'll play nice…(cause he really is kinda cute)…but don't tell anyone we said that..we hear he is a nuisance to Heidi dog, at his other Grandma's house too..

Mama tells us we were puppies once too…we just don't member all the stuffs we got in to!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

We Have a New Friend….

We would like to introduce everyone to our new friend, Miss Sophie….

Isn't she beautiful? Her human parents Arvilla & John picked her up yesterday from a wonderful breeder here in PEI …she joins her new doxie siblings Joy, Foster & Blue. Sophie is a standard girl…with the most gorgeous eyes…and her Mama reports she is settling in just great!

*Sigh* We luv happy times…and want to say "welcome" Sophie…we can't wait to hear more about you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday!!

 photo licenseplate.jpg

We're just popping in to wish everyone a great day!! We are so happy to get out for walks again..lots of sniffing & pee mails to catch up on!

We are in awe of Oskar's recovery..the walking is making his back end so much stronger..and he loves to "gallop" …as if to say…"Back issue? That was so yesterday!"

"When the going gets tough….the tough get going". That's our mantra..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yappy Easter!!

To all our bloggie friends & family!!

 photo hippityhoppityprod.jpg

(((hugs)))from Oskar & Schatzi

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Schatzi!!!

Had a "spa" day in preparation for the festivities!! And…a roasted marrow bone to luv on!
Today is gonna be a good day!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Did We Mention…..

Oskar is able to go for walks? It's true…he's been given the green light to walk as much as he wants to! Dr. Condon says he cannot do any damage & in fact, walking will strengthen his back legs.

He's not much of a walker & being a "senior" he is not too fussy about going far, but he will walk with his Dad on leash & Schatzi a bit ahead with Mama.

We are taking things one paw at a time…and when the sidewalks are dry & clear and warmer temps…we walk most evenings. Two months ago we would not have thought it possible…..

 photo 2013pics126_zpsb18e6a1b.jpg

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Someone is Playing an April Fools' Joke on Us!!

Was it you guys?? We know…you wants to hear all about us…but seriously peeps…we've had the weather from hezz the last week….after the 53 cm of snow!! Hours & hours of freezing rain (27 hours the smug weather guy says)…some unfortunate people & their critters have been without power for 4 days…lots of electrical lines are down. Thankfully, we didn't lose our power (which is why our Mama & Dad had the foresight to install a propane stove that runs without electricity….at least we would have heat if the power goes off).

Oskar's beloved pellet stove…needs electricity to run…so he is very thankful to the winds & ice storm gods for not causing our power to fail.

And….it's snowing again now. Do ya'll know how much fun it is to pee in a blizzard? Not much we can tell you.

Our typical day consists of:

-Waking up at 6:00 AM sharp…
-Out for potty break…asap
-Come inside & breakfast bowls are magically full of kibble
-Have a slurp or two of fresh water
-Oskar…decide which of the two dog beds in the family room to have first nap of the day
-Schatzi-on sofa with Mama..and bums must touch at all times

11:30 AM
-Time for potty break
-Very small mid day snack
-Oskar…chose alternate bed for afternoon nap…bury oneself in blankies
-Schatzi takes other bed…since Mama is unavailable to be of service

4:00 PM
-Yep…you guessed it…supper time
-Out for potty break
-Wait patiently for Dad to come home from work
-Make several trips to back gate…yay….Dad's home!!
-Ok…false alarm…no Dad yet

5:00-5:30 PM
-Yelp, bark & wag tails profusely..Dad is home (oh & find a toy that needs a good squeak…that's alway effective)
-Bum for tidbits at human suppertime, get underfoot during meal prep & kitchen clean up
-Schatzi proceeds with daily chore of licking kitchen floor tile
-Oskar whines for Dad to sit in big, comfy chair with him..immediately

8:00-8:30 PM
-Snack time!!
-Out for last potty break

Then whenever….bedtime!
-Oskar goes into crate…on Dad's side of bed on the floor
-Schatzi curls up in her snuggle sack in her bed on Mama's side of bed

And we get to get up at 6:00 AM & do it all again!! Seriously folks…y'all don't want or need to see pics of two senior doxies…sleeping….all the time.

We can hardly wait to spend sun filled days outside…with all this snow….that feels like a lifetime away!

So, how does everyone else, who live in a snow belt cope with the winter blahs?

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