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Beautiful Day for an Outing....

Finally, the rain has stopped, the humidity gone, the air is much cooler & a pawsome fall breeze is blowing. All signs pointing to a morning outing...Oskar's leg is about 80% back to normal.....our walks are slower & a bit shorter.

But today....we parked behind the community centre (a short drive from home)...

We were so excited...acting like silly puppies...sniffin & peein' on everything!

We even decided to stroll on the sidewalk a bit...we had a blast! Cars going by were honking hello to us!

On the way home, Mama wanted to check out the local pumpkin farm...wowsers...that`s a lotta pumpkins!!!

And lots of gourds..

We will come back this weekend, when Dad join us & pick up our pumpkins. Mama wants a couple of white ones too & thinks it`s time for us to grow pumpkins again in our garden!

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