Friday, July 29, 2016

Gonna Party...Likes It's My Birthday!!!

Cause I am two years old today!!!  And I don't mind wearing this silly light flashing long as there are prezzies involved!  In my gift box I received a yummy marrow bone, a bag of scrumptious treats & a new harness!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Fun in the Sun...And I Caught a Tree Rat!!!

Finally having us some hot summer days...and that means pool time & a visit from my favourite kin folks!

Here I am, enjoying my water raft with Aunt Liz & my Dad!   I love being in the's a grrreat place to cool off!

Earlier that morning...Mama saw a fox in the field behind our house...we've seen her with her kits..

And this is an honest to dawg true story....I got no pics to prove it...but I,  Liesel....non-hunter extraordinaire....caught a squirrel!  So...I was walking my Dad on the leash...and a man & his daughter went by on their bikes & Dad heard the girl say..."that puppy has a squirrel in it's mouth!"  Dad...turned to look for the puppy with a squirrel...only to realize it was me!!  Yep...I was walking so proud like-showing off my prowess....until Dad realized the darn kritter was still squirming!  He plucked it from my jaws of death...and shoo'ed it up a tree!
(I wasn't gonna hurt it none!!)

It scampered away...with a stern warning from me...I gots my eye on you Mr. Tree Rat!
We will cross paths again!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Early Morning Walk....

Since the weather has finally turned walks are taken either early morning or later in the evening...when it's cooler.

Come join me...on my early morning walk, we are going to the trail.  (the trails were former railway the trails (called the Confederation Trail) expand pretty much Island wide.  In the summer months walkers, joggers, bikers and dogs with their peeps walk the trail and during the snowy months snowmobilers ride the trails.

So...let's get started.  Here we are....still on the sidewalk by my house...

Just a sec...something here needs closer inspection...ok...nothing of importance...

So after a short distance...we turn onto the favourite part...
right about now we met a"not too friendly" poodle...we kept on moving...

We gotta take a few minutes and enjoy the lupins....they smell so awesome...

My second favourite part is stopping for a rest on this bench (I know they put it there just for me). It was still damp from the morning we didn't paws for a break...

Right about now is a good time for a refreshment break.  I drink straight from my own water special fancy dancy thingeys needed....(well maybe Dad's hand to help a bit).

And now...back on the can see my paw prints on the concrete...they'll be gone when the sun comes out...sadly.

That's my walk for this morning.  Glad ya'll could join me....come back anytime!  

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Benson Has an Owie!!!

You all know my best buddy Benson (my brother from another mother.....and father)....

It appears he didn't get his hiney through the storm door fast enough....and horrors of horrors...the door shut on his tail!!  He was rushed to the room of doom...and Dr. Condon fixed him up good (and Benson insists his bandage is red....not pink...*wink*).  And to make matters worse....he is "forced" to wear the cone of shame!!  Poor boy...I'm here for you buddy & your tail will be better in no time & we can get back to important stuff like wrestling, going for walks & surfing in the pool!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Surf Patrol!!

                                    Here I am...just chillaxin' on my "day off"
        I endured a spadicure ...warm bath, nails trimmed, ears swabbed & toofies
                                                     It's good to be me!

The Secret Life of Pets - Movie

                                       Who else can't wait to see this movie?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

First Swim of the Summer!!

The weather here has been grrreat!  So that means it's pool time!!  I saw Dad in the pool...and I whined till Mama strapped my floater vest on...and here I am paddling my paws off!  It sure felt good to cool off!!!