Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Foxes Came To Visit!!

I was lazing on the deck with my peeps the other evening...and look who shows up!

Not one...but two foxes...the first one laid beside our garden & chewed on corn husks...

The other one stayed out in the field...he was hunting moles and mice...

They really don't bother me..Mama says I have to be "tolerant" of them...as we are in their space.  I keep my eye on them though...this is my turf.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Crime Scene Photos

Suspect in custody...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm Baaaack!!

We recently lost a very close family member due to cancer...so we had to step away from the blog for a bit.  

It's time to get back to the blogging world!!  I've missed you all!!   Even though my doxie calendar says it's September...it's very hot & humid here.  My favourite place to lay is on the tile floor...cause it's cool on my belly.  I just know any day now...the leaves are going to turn colour & the temps are gonna fall...

In the meantime....I've been keeping busy...

So this ripped right from the headlines:

Nova Scotia group needs money for rescued dachshunds

7 dogs were rescued from a home in New Brunswick and brought to Nova Scotia!

Now you all know Mama was involved in dachshund rescue for years...right?  (this is where my eyes glaze over...so feel free to continue without me).  So...and here it comes....why would Canadian Dachshund Rescue Atlantic agree to take in 7 dogs.....with no money to vet them?

While admirable...now the group is appealing to the public, it's members, Go Fund Me, etc., to try to raise the necessary funds to take care of these doxies.   From what has been published....the dogs are mostly senior, in need of dentals ASAP...as most have suffered neglect for years...and I'm sure the medical care list and cost will rise. 

There are any number of rescue groups & humane societies who may have been in a position to assist or take in one or so dogs....so as not to have one group shoulder the financial responsibility of paying for high veterinary costs.  Some veterinarians do give rescues a break....perhaps throw in the odd procedure or medication for free....but those veterinarians are few & far between.  Most are not in the business of providing service for free. 

The responsible action for any rescue group is to make certain it has the funds to care for dogs they take in, as well as foster homes in place.     Without fosters.....rescues cannot function....they rely on the willingness of people to open up their homes & hearts for animals....completely at their own expense.  Except for vetting costs....and that is where an effective Board of Directors needs to ensure their group has the funds to properly vet dogs in their care. 

End of Mama's rant. 

It's good to be back!!!