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Yappy New Year & Belated Merry Christmas!!

We hope Santa Paws found all our bloggere friends!!

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Invertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in dachshunds-Repost

Here we are again, dealing with IVDD...and I feel just as strongly about this post as the first time I warrants reposting...and since Oskar's diagnosis of IVDD earlier this week...we experienced different symptoms & treatment than with Schatzi or Xena (who both suffered disc abruption)

Years after my original post on IVDD, comments & questions are still being asked. This is such an important issue it warrants a repost. Please, I cannot stress strongly enough to seek help immediately & keep in contact with your veterinarian regarding after care if your dog suffers an IVDD incident.

IVDD is a debilitating and costly disease that affects dachshunds (and other breeds as well, such as (but not limited to) Corgis, Papillions, Basset Hounds and Miniature Pinschers.) IVDD is particularly prevalent in Dachshunds, an estimated 1 in 5 dogs will suffer from IVDD. The increased risk in specific breeds demonstrates a very strong genetic component, which is worsened when irresponsible breeders do little in correcting this defect. The chance of a healthier dachshund is better when purchased from a responsible breeder. While it is extremely important to research any breed you may be interested in obtaining, it is equally important to reseach the breeder. For a list of responsible breeders in the Maritimes - under Atlantic is a great place to start. As is the Canadian Kennel Club website.

But back to IVDD. The dog's spine is made up of several small bones, called vertebrae. They extend from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. The vertebrae are connected by flexible discs made of cartilage called "intervertebral disc", which cushions between each bone and allow the neck, spine & tail to bend. Running through the vertebrae is the spinal cord - which is made up of nerves.

Restricting jumping, stairs and your dachshund's weight are all important factors in preventing an injury.

What are the symptoms of IVDD?

*Quiet, lethargic, stiff or hunched back
*Sensitive when touching the neck or back area
*Shivering or shaking
*Crying when moving
*Poor appetite
*Dragging rear legs
*Uncontrollable bladder and bowel movements

What to Do if your Dachshund Shows Signs of IVDD

-If your dachshund displays any of the above symptoms - crate him/her immediately to keep him still and quiet while seeking veterinary help immediately. (Cannot stress this strong enough!!)

-The longer the disc disease goes on without treatment, the worse the problem will become and the less chances for a recovery!

-If the problem has been diagnosed as disc disease, sometimes only crate rest is advised by the veterinarian. Strictly confine your dachshund to a crate for a peiod of at least 6 weeks or how long your veterinarian prescribes. This will allow the scar tissue to heal over the herniated outer portion of the disc. The only movement allowed should be to go to the bathroom - food, water, treats should be given in the crate.

-If your veterinarian advises putting your dachshund to sleep - you can seek alternative methods such as acupuncture or holistic veterinarian. Never give up! Too many dogs have and are still being un-necessarily euthanized.

-If permanent or partial paralysis is resulted from IVDD - dachshunds have been known to live long and healthy lives using wheelcarts. Paul Coover in Maine has not one, but two "cart" dogs. You can check out his blog at

-Join Dodgerlist - - a wonderful group devoted to helping those with dogs suffering from IVDD or want to learn more about the disease.

This is but a small over-view of IVDD. My personal experience with this disease has taught me to be on my guard and watchful of my dachshunds.

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Peeing In the Snow

Peeing in the snow, Peeing in the snow, Hi ho the merry-o We're peeing in the snow!

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Happy 12th Birthda y Oskar!!!

Never to old for a new Bobo or two!!!

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Here We Go Again

Oskar made an un-scheduled visit to the Dawgtor today! His skin infection has returned along with an ear infection. Let's hope the ear drops & antibiotics start to work fast. In the meantime, he is getting some much needed snuggling.....

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I'm just sayin'

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Turn Back Clocks Tonight!!

Yaaaay!! We get another pawsome hour of sleep!!

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Happy Hallowiener!!

This year's pumpkin!

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Busy Saturday

Drop off the recycleables.......
Then swing by the pellet store.....
And load all these bags onto the truck... Now its time for a much needed nap!

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A Wienerful Day!!!

We basked in the sun & watched the world go by.....
Then wearing our warm fleece, we went for a brisk stroll in the evening air.

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Tell Me It Isn't True!!!!

The kibble cupboard is bare!! Not even a crumb!!

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Very Special Weekend

We got buckled up in our car seats to drive to Halifax, Nova Scotia.... for a very special day....see our human sister (who we luv beeeery much) was receiving her Masters Degree in Business from St. Mary's University... On the way we saw some really cool wind turbines.... Can you tell how windy it is...the flags are blowing straight out..... This is where you enter Nova Scotia..... Our human sister, Deanna....with her much earned degree!!! We luv her berrrry much!

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Winter is A Coming!

Dad & I went to the hardware store.. time to stock up on wood pellets!