Monday, October 15, 2012

Very Special Weekend

We got buckled up in our car seats to drive to Halifax, Nova Scotia.... for a very special day....see our human sister (who we luv beeeery much) was receiving her Masters Degree in Business from St. Mary's University... On the way we saw some really cool wind turbines.... Can you tell how windy it is...the flags are blowing straight out..... This is where you enter Nova Scotia..... Our human sister, Deanna....with her much earned degree!!! We luv her berrrry much!


Molly The Wally said...

Congratulations to Deanna. We wish her well. Have a lovely Monday.
Best wishes Molly

AMY ANN said...

Wow! That sounds like it was an exciting trip.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO DEANNA!! That is quite an accomplishment. I can tell how PROUD you are of her.. as well you should be!

Two French Bulldogs said...

How exciting. She is a smarty pants with that degree
Benny & Lily

Sarah Sandberg said...

Congratulations to Deanna how exciting for her!! Looks like you have a very lovely ride there too!

Sarah & le Weens

K9 Katastrophie said...

How exciting! It takes a lot of work to get a masters!


Lovable Lily said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! Way to go Deanna!

Lily Belle & Muffin