Monday, January 27, 2014

Vet Visits

Schatzi & Oskar both had appointments with the Dawgtor today...Oskar is about the same. He can stand..but is very slow to respond to having his back feet flipped under (actually, not much response)...but the good news is that he is no worse. And this just might be as good as he gets...which is fine with us, our concern is for his quality of life & as long as he has no pain..we are pleased with his progress. Crate rest will continue for a few more weeks, then we will slowly allow him access to the rest of the house (no stairs). And pray no discs rupture.

He also has an infection in both ears & one anal antibiotics & ear drops were prescribed. He underwent blood & urine tests, as well. So, all in all..we are staying the course.

Schatzi (aka Miss Drama Queen) underwent her annual check up....with three attempts to stay on the scale for a weigh in! Her loss of eyesight is progressing, but not at an alarming rate...and there really isn't anything that needs to be done. We will have her teeth checked again in the fall. She got away unscathed!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Night Time Digs.....

Can you see me in here?? This is my night-time crate, I'm all snuggled in .....a guy could get used to this...

And see that blankie over my crate? That's my wild-life used to be my Grampie's & now it's mine & goes everywhere with me (even when I was in the was in ICU with me)...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oskar Continues to Heal....

And still on crate rest & will be for weeks to come. Good news is...he is able to stand & walk, albeit wobbly & unsteady...however his walking is limited to potty breaks. When he is not crated, he is snuggled up with his Dad, getting well.

It's easy to feel guilty for crate rest, but it is done with love & the best of intentions. When your dog has been crate trained, it is much easier implement crate rest for back issues...and the crate needs to be a happy place...a place for quiet time & rest. Treats greatfully accepted, as well!

We have a recheck next Monday for Oskar & Schatzi will undergo her annual exam. (shh...keep that between us).

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Years Ago Today....

We said a sorrowful good-bye to our precious girl, Xena. We love you & miss you still.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ever Have Days Like This??

Then you are truly blessed...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oskar Update

That should be plural....dachshunds....

Oskar had a check up with Dr. Bailey at the AVC this afternoon & he is progressing really well. He can fully stand on his right hind leg, but has a ways to go with the left leg. But all in all, she was very pleased to see how far he has come in a little over a week.

Another recheck, after another 4 weeks on crate rest & we will see where we are then. Hopefully, he will be able to stand on both back legs...but we are taking one day at a time. He has not required pain medication for the past four days..and is very comfortable, eating & drinking & able to take a few steps when outside.

The trouble is now that he is feeling better...he is antsy being couped up most of the time, but it has to be in order for his back to heal properly.

PeeS - We will have an update on Oskar's progress later today..he has an appt. at the ACV this afternoon. Paws crossed...and thank you for your continued love & support.

This is a difficult time in January, as it is coming up to the second anniversary of Xena's passing..January 16, 2012. Not a day goes by that she isn't missed...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Behind Bars...

Oskar here...I'm surviving life on the "inside"...and the food's not bad..I heard the word "sardine" ...think they can fool me into taking my pills, do they? We will just see how that will go...although I hear a good sardine tastes yummy. I may have to break down & let them think they have "won"...but know this...I do it for doxies everywhere....I suffer this ill treatment to show others who may be doing "hard time", that they will never break us. We will rise up & stand again!

I was back at the womb of doom, at the dawgtor's yesterday..I suffered numerous pokes & needles, scans & thingofamabobs...I was nearly exhausted before I was finally released & allowed to come home & have my supper (and boy, was I starvvving).

I whined & cried incessantly while Mom & Dad spoke with Dr. Bailey, who took pawsome care of me at the AVC. My heart murmur is Class III/ I haveta have a cardiac workup up once a year (I'm okay with that). Next..I gots one kidney that is acting wonky..everytime they steal my pee...I gets annoyed...that's one less tree I am able to I takes meds for that too.

And ya'll know the story of my back issue..which is why I'm sentenced to weeks confined in prison. Dr. Bailey says she sees improvement in just 6 just when I thought I might get busted outta here...she ruled 6-8 more weeks of hard time!!

So, can someone out there in bloggie land hide a chisel in a bone & send it to me? Maybe I can break free from this ball & chain!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Boy Is Home!

Just as a blizzard was winding up, we were able to bring Oskar home today...with a bagful of medications! And a crate all ready & filled with a soft bed & blankies.

He has four protruded discs..we are treating him with crate rest & pain meds. We return Monday to the AVC for assessment & cardiac work up, if it is not too invasive. We will ask what a cardiac work up entails, treatment, etc. If he continues to improve or stabilizes...he will not need to have an MRI. We will know more on Monday.

Oskar is very, very happy to be home & snuggling with his Dad. He was very hungry & has been able to pee & poop outside...did I mention we are having a blizzard? He is a very brave little boy...he got rave reviews from the veterinarians & technicians at the AVC!

We thank you gain, our bloggie pals & friends for your continued support & pawyers!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not The Greatest of News....

But we are taking one day at a time...Oskar has multiple protruded discs...a glimmer of hope in that he has not worsened...he has improved a bit with crate rest and pain meds.

If he continues to do ok, we may be able to bring him home until he has his MRI appt, on the strictest of crate rest & pain meds. His surgeon feels he will do well at home, so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Continued prayers are appreciated & thank you for the support & pawsome well wishes.

A Little Oskar Update

I spoke with Oskar's attending physician yesterday & she reported he is no worse..he still has motor function..of course, he is no better. Today is the big day...he will be sedated & undergo an MRI & due to his heart murmur concern, he is having a lung & heart x-ray. When he is fully recovered from this ordeal...he will undergo a thorough cardiac workup at the AVC. Dr. Condon & I will discussing that in the upcoming months.

Osk was not eating..even though I sent his kibble & can food, with instructions..they tried to feed him with just his kibble. Being the drama queen he is...he refused to eat it! I advised he needs some can mixed in to his surgeon & she asked the attending veterinary student to please add some soft food to his kibble. Fingers crossed he ate, he is on IV for fluids. He was able to potty, but had to be expressed to pee.

So, dear bloggie friends...we thank you for your prayers & good wishes. Pls. keep them coming & hopefully later this evening I will have good news to report!!

(((hugs)) to all.