Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oskar Acupuncture & Update

Oskar had his second acupuncture treatment today…Dr. Garrett & Kelly, the assisting vet tech were very happy & amazed at his progress…...we have seen a huge improvement……just within the last week. We are confident the treatments, along with the crate rest are helping.

Here I am, after my "puncture"….with a new squeaky Mama picked up at Pet Smart (she & Schatzi had a "girls" only outing, while I was at the dawgtor).

And see how fast I can wag my tail??? And just look at how strong those back legs look!!

Beautiful, isn't it?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Long Weekend...

Today is a holiday here….it's known as Islander Day…so we've been busying keeping warm & snuggly……as you can see. We had a windy & lots of snow day yesterday….

Hope you enjoyed your day!! Oskar has his second acupuncture appt. tomorrow…….cause the last one was so much fun. Keep your paws crossed for us!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pawsome Puzzle

Look at the paw some puzzle the mailman brought to us...

Wow….we can't thank our bloggie & rescue pal Margaret & her amazing kriiters at http://teckeltails.blogspot.ca
for sending us this adorable prezzie…..all 500 pieces of it!! It arrived just in time too….we are expecting…yet again….another snow storm tonight!!

A great evening to snuggle up & out a puzzle together!! Thank you so much Margaret, from the bottom of our paws!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We are sending much love to all our bloggie furiends for Valentine's Day!! Find the ones you luv & have a big ol' snuggle!!!

 photo dach_snugglers.jpg


Monday, February 10, 2014

First Appointment

I'd like to say Oskar's first acupuncture appt. was easy & breezy…but I'd be lying. Firstly….he howled & cried in the car…the whole 15 minute drive…even tried to crawl out of his safety bucket seat. Worked himself up to the point of a huge poop the minute he hit the ground at the dawgtor's office. (thankfully I set him down outside first & not directly inside the clinic doors).

Then he shook & shivered to the point of no return…so much so we were able to go into the treatment room immediately…likely so as not to upset everyone else in the waiting room. After about the 4th needle…we quickly came to the realization this would be better done if a vet tech assisted & I was out of the room. Once the needles were all in place, I stuck my head in to see how he was doing…and he went ape sh*t…so we deducted it was best if I was not in sight or ear shot. After what seemed like a lifetime (but was only 25 minutes)….it was over! He had some electrode stimulation done at the same time I was informed…but assured it wasn't shock therapy!

He wasn't happy til he was buckled up in his bucket seat & we were on the way home! And…we get to do it all again next Tuesday!!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Oskar has his first acupuncture treatment on Monday, with Dr. Garrett at our veterinary clinic. We have heard from other doxie Mamas that it can have a calming effect….which is good…cause Oskar tends to get a little "rowdy" by mid afternoon. The last two days we have allowed him to rest in a bed in front of the fire…but he is still being crated overnight.

Dr. Garrett reports that acupuncture can help with the healing process. Our first appointment is 1 1/2 hrs., then one appt. each week for four weeks. We're keeping our paws crossed it helps!!

Have a pawsome weekend efurbuddy!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Congratulations & Healing Rayzz…..

Oskar & Schatzi's little nephew, Benson…… graduated from Obedience class yesterday….we are so proud of him! Here he is with his graduation cap..

And in a couple of weeks…he begins the Intermediate level in Obedience…such a smart little guy!

Today is surgery day…he is at the dawgtor's getting "tutored" and micro-chipped. Good luck little buddy…we all luv you a whole bunch!!