Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Visit to the Vet

I shoulda known somethin' was up yesterday...cause there was a sneak attack & before I could blink...I was in the middle of a full blown bath! (hate to admit..but it did feel good!!)

Then today...I goes to see the vet...had my bum squeezed & a pawdicure!! Then they put me on the scale...13.6 lbs! Dr. Condon says I am in the best shape he has ever seen me...gosh...made me blush & all! My tummy woes kick up from time to I still take my medicine for that...and my kidneys (gotta keep the plumbing working)..and my back legs are strong as can be again. (from all the walking I do...not long walks...but usually a couple of short ones every day).

Now..after my tim bit treat...I'm gonna have a snooze in the sun....

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's True!! It's True!!

My Dad has be-tired!!! Now I have him all to myself...anytime I want! Lots of time for snuggles on the couch, leisurely walks & watching football!! Life is good....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Official Folks-I Hate the Car!!

I hope everyone had a paw some Labor Day weekend!! We went to see my Aunt Liz & Uncle Kev in Nova I am...looking all happy & excited...

Mama even took me for a walkie on the boardwalk before we left...thinking she could tire me out...NOT!!

Usually, it's a 3 hour car ride to their house...but because I'm such a drama "queen"...I cried & whined from the moment my spotted bum was buckled into my car seat! We made three extra I could get out & exercise...then back to whining & crying. We also got held up by a car accident on the highway...(thankfully no one was injured)...but we sat for 30 minutes in a long, long line up til they cleared away the debris.

Did I mention I'm still voicing my displeasure? No? Well...I was. I heard Mama suggest they slide me into the car waiting next in line to us...I knew she was just kidding...

Then a quick stop for a bite to eat & refreshments..

And back in the car for the last leg of my journey.....where again .... I voiced loudly my displeasure!

Here I am...looking all angelic upon my arrival...our 3 hour travel...took nearly 5 hours!!

I left a couple of "prezzies" on the carpet...just so Aunt Liz & Uncle Kev would know how badly I had been mistreated on my trip over to see them...

Ooops....sorry about that Aunt Liz!

It was decided for the drive home...Dad would sit in the back with I could keep an eye on him...and Mama drove the car. With not so much "background" noise or as many stops this time.'s official...I've been put on the "no drive" list...and that suits me just fine!! If anyone wants to see me (and why wouldn't they, right?) appt. can be booked with my staff peeps!