Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Illegal in Canada

I'm sharing this on my blog with anyone who may be interested in purchasing a "purebred" dachshund (or any breed for that matter.)

It is illegal in Canada to sell a dog as a purebred without supplying registration papers free. The seller must register and transfer the ownership of the dog to the buyer at no cost. This is protected by the ANIMAL PEDIGREE ACT. If a breeder is willing to sell you a purebred without papers for a lower cost, not walk away! This is not reputable behaviour and it is illegal. What else might the breeder be concealing from you?

It is CANADIAN LAW as stated in the ANIMAL PEDIGREE ACT that no dog may be sold in Canada as purebred without the animal being registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (C.K.C.)

CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB registration papers are your certification that your new puppy is a recognized Purebred Dog. In accordance with the By-laws, Dogs must never be sold on a "with or without papers" basis. The breeder is responsible for the submission of and payment for all registration applications. Such costs may be included in the price of the dog but under no circumstances shall the buyer be asked to submit or pay for any applications to register or transfer the ownership of a dog.

The CKC charges a very small amount to register a litter then an additional small amount to register the individual puppy. They do not charge hundreds of dollars!!! It is also illegal to sell an unregistered dog as a purebred so ask why would a seller choose to offer a purebred puppy without registration papers at a few hundred dollars off if the dog really is a recognised purebred dog?

If you are looking for a purebred dog, check with your local kennel clubs and organizations and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and assist you in finding a reputable breeder of the breed you are looking for in the local area. CKC Registered dogs will be guaranteed purebred, health checked, and heath guaranteed. If your going to pay the money for a purebred dog, don’t be fooled, make sure you are getting what you pay for and purchase a dog from a reputable breeder. Before you spend your hard earned money on a Field Bred, non-registered, or Mutt, check out reputable breeder that follows CKC breeding ethics.

Regardless if your looking for a purebred, or just a family pet, research the breed, research the breeder. Get what you pay for, please don’t support unethical breeders, please don’t support, and report puppy mills, know what your getting, don’t get taken by a back yard breeder telling you it’s purebred, but not being able to prove it. It may very well be purebred, but unless they can prove it, you can’t be sure, if your going to pay the money for a purebred dog, shouldn’t you be making sure you getting what your paying for.

• The Animal Pedigree Act makes it a federal offence to sell an animal of a recognized breed as, purebred, registered, or eligible to be registered if it is not.
• The term "purebred" is a confirmation of genetic background and adherence to breed characteristics, in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the by-laws of the authorized breed association.
• The term "registered" is confirmation that all the rules of eligibility of the authorized breed association in Canada have been met.
• If an animal of a recognized breed is sold as purebred, registered or eligible to be registered, the seller is obligated to provide a duly transferred certificate of registration to the buyer not later than six months after the sale.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oskar & The Limp Noodle Game!!

I don't know if it's a dachshund thing or just an Oskar thing, but on occassion (and it's usually when time is at a minimum) Oskar loves to play the "see how limp my body can go" game or as I have dubbed it "the limp noodle game".

And the game usually begins, when I have about two nano-seconds to get everyone herded out for their mid-day break & back in for snacks. I have Schatzi, the frozen statue poised firmly - waiting to have her bum slid across the floor, towards the door & Xena, the "I'm just happy to be going, anywhere" gal, prancing around underfoot (I swear I could put a fish bowl on her head & she would be happy! (relax, I wouldn't do that to the fish!).

So, I'm at the back door - Oskar's hoodie in one hand, harness & leash in the other & calling out "Oskar, come!" for the 42nd time - to no avail-I finally understand it's time to play the "limp noodle" game. So, I peel off my sneakers, with harness, leash & hoodie in hand, & attempt to pull said hoodie over his head, squeeze two very short front paws into the armholes - while he is totally, 100% without skeletal frame! He couldn't be more limp if he was unconscious! (And all the while I am laughing so hard - which makes it even worse - cause he thinks its a game then & co-operates even less).

Now, I have the hoodie on - it's time to fit the harness over his head & secure it to both sides of his limp body! Does he snap to attention & eagerly bolt to the door? No, he flops over and lies there-tail wagging madly! A spotted, limp dog wearing a hoodie, harness attached to a limp leash, madly wagging tail! So, I pick him up - carry him to the door, put my sneakers on - slide Schatzi, the frozen statue across the floor to the door (she thinks she can't move if she is wearing a sweater or hoodie), lift a prancing Xena down the stairs to the door & we are ready to go!

The minute the door opens - limp noodle suddenly comes to life & races down the ramp - like he was waiting forever for me to finally get ready!

Now, I usually don't mind playing the limp noodle game - just not on my short lunch break. I think maybe, it's just an Oskar thing.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to our Hoomans!!

Wif luv from Schatzi, Oskar & Xena

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Former Puppy Mill Dachshund

If anyone asks anyone volunteers with animal rescue the following picture is just one of the many reasons. We transported this former puppy mill sweetheart to her new adoptive home. (thanks to my wonderful sis for giving her a lift!)

She is now in the loving arms of her adoptive family, who couldn't resist her sweet personality, precious face & huge, sad brown eyes. Never again will she be forced to bear litter after litter of puppies or be starved for love & affection.

The message is clear - until there is none ....... rescue one.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedding Bells!

Beautiful bride - beautiful day! The weather was perfect - a gorgeous fall day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wieners Are Going To A Wedding!

Well, they aren't really attending, but they are going to be in the general vacinity. We are off to daughter's nuptials tomorrow.

The kritters are staying in the hotel (pet friendly one, at that). So, hopefully they don't serenade the other hotel guests too loudly!


After much research and reading, we have switched the kritters to Fromm. This particular variety is Chicken A La Veg. The kibble bites are much smaller than the Solid Gold and this is a chicken based food, as opposed to fish based.

I considered the vet's recommendation of the prescription Urinary SO diet, but the formula includes ground corn, which is not only a filler, but Oskar does not tolerate corn. And since all three will be eating the same formula, Fromm seemed like a wise choice.

Fromm utilizes ingredients like fresh sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, cheddar cheese, & other fresh produce. It is recommened that a moist food of the same variety be added to the diet, so my pet food supply store is ordering a case in for us. We are adding an additional cranberry/blueberry powder supplement as well.
Xena has been prone to UTI's, so she should tolerate Fromm just fine. And Oskar, loves it - just because the kibble are smaller!!

My only small concern is the higher fat content of the diet, so have to watch their weight very closely.

I am happy to report that Schatzi is feeling much better & upon finishing her medication will undergo urine analysis.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need Get Well Rays

During an emergency visit to the vet clinic this afternoon Schatzi underwent a thorough examination, urinealysis & ultrasound, where tests concluded yet another urinary tract infection, as well as inflammation in the lining of her bladder.

Schatzi is now home resting comfortably, with a round of antibiotics & pain medication. Our vet has also prescribed a diet of Royal Canin Urinary SO. (a food prescribed for dogs with or at risk of developing UTI).

Chaquita Wiener Anyone?

This was send to me-too cute not to share!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Hates Da Baffs!!

And as soon as we get dry, we're gonna reports Momma to the SPCA!! No wieners should be subjected to such abuse!! It takes weeks to smell this good - now we have ta start all over!!

Signed: Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Perfect Photo Op!

You can almost see the halos!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cute Crotchet Dachshund

This was sent to me by a sweet person! (thanks bunches Janette!) For anyone who can crotchet - these would make a great fundraiser! Totally wienerlicious!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visiting Cousin Wiggles

Xena and I went to visit Xena's cousin - Wiggles. Xena is unsure what pattern of dachshund Wiggles is - she doesn't seem to bark or dig or do any of the stuff that most doxies are famous for. We'll let you decide for yourself..............introducing Wiggle Gertrude Ezmerelda. I'm thinking maybe she is a pie-bald! (or not)

Of course, upon seeing Xena - Wiggles fled to the nearest hiding place. Can you guess where she is?

Whoa! There she is! Who knew?

Xena spent most of the evening - "watching" Wiggles sleep - almost willing her to move!

All to soon our holiday was over & it was time to head home!

This amazing pumpkin stood proudly at Mayfield Gardens, on our way out of St. Stephen.

We stopped in Sussex, NB - where the kritterkids made quite a scene with the locals! One lady said "they are the cutest things I have seen in Sussex in a long time."

Sussex has some amazing murals - here are but just a few we spotted on our downtown walk.

Thanksgiving Vacation Continued

Second pit stop along the way - Hampton, just outside St. John, NB.

Xena met a new friend, "Andrew" while exploring in Hampton!

After a quick snack & refreshment break - we are back on the road again!

A gorgeous fall display along the way!

A cool beaver hut! No beavers in sight though!

Passing through St. John!

Driving up to the Toll Bridge in St. John.

And finally.......

Nani & Grampie's!!! Everyone enjoyed some much needed playtime!

Then it was time for a much needed nap!

Thanksgiving Trip

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and hope everyone else did as well! We managed to take a "few" pictures of our adventures!

Xena, smart gal that she is - suspects something is up when she spies the travel crates!

All loaded & ready to go!

On the way to the Confederation Bridge.

Current bridge tolls.

Here we are - crossing the Bridge (which spans the Northumberland Strait. It's about a 13-14 minute drive across).

It was a blustery day - lots of white caps!

First pit stop - Tim Horton's in Moncton, NB! Behind Tim's is a great pasture - everyone likes to get out and stretch their paws!

Everyone checking out the scenery!

More posts to follow!

Xena-Annual Check-Up

Xena underwent her annual check-up last week - here she is strapped in & ready to go! Sad to report she may lose her remaining teeth. Try as we have over the past three years (since she joined our family) we just can't reverse the progressing peridontal disease.

In November, she will undergo anethesia & x-rays to determine the extent of the progression & we will make the final decision then. For the sake of her continued health & well being, if she must lose her remaining teeth, I guess it's not the end of the world. (although I take it as a personal failure).

She weighs 11.6 lbs and otherwise is in great health. I veteoed further immunizations - her records indicate she has been regularly immnized all her life. I suspect she has built up quite an immunity during the past ten years, our vet agreed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

The kritterkins are almost packed & looking forward to a road trip tomorrow & spending Thanksgiving long weekend with family. (did someone say, turkey??)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Dachshund Song

There's no other dog like a dachshund,
Walking so close to the ground,
They're stubborn and sly as a fox and
The happiest pet to be found.

Most kinds of dogs seem to either
Have shapes or proportions all wrong;
They're only one way or the other,
But dachshunds are both short and long.

Dachsie, meine dachsie,
The best canine under the sun,
Call you "wiener" or "sausage" or "hotdog",
We know that you're number one

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Night Walk

With the wind from the northwest tonight, it was cool enough the wieners wore their Roots hoodies on our evening walk.

On your mark, get set, let's go!

And they're off!! Xena & Schatzi are in the lead!!

Oskar got sidetracked (as he so often does) and stopped to check out something very interesting.

Just cute wiener butt!