Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oskar & The Limp Noodle Game!!

I don't know if it's a dachshund thing or just an Oskar thing, but on occassion (and it's usually when time is at a minimum) Oskar loves to play the "see how limp my body can go" game or as I have dubbed it "the limp noodle game".

And the game usually begins, when I have about two nano-seconds to get everyone herded out for their mid-day break & back in for snacks. I have Schatzi, the frozen statue poised firmly - waiting to have her bum slid across the floor, towards the door & Xena, the "I'm just happy to be going, anywhere" gal, prancing around underfoot (I swear I could put a fish bowl on her head & she would be happy! (relax, I wouldn't do that to the fish!).

So, I'm at the back door - Oskar's hoodie in one hand, harness & leash in the other & calling out "Oskar, come!" for the 42nd time - to no avail-I finally understand it's time to play the "limp noodle" game. So, I peel off my sneakers, with harness, leash & hoodie in hand, & attempt to pull said hoodie over his head, squeeze two very short front paws into the armholes - while he is totally, 100% without skeletal frame! He couldn't be more limp if he was unconscious! (And all the while I am laughing so hard - which makes it even worse - cause he thinks its a game then & co-operates even less).

Now, I have the hoodie on - it's time to fit the harness over his head & secure it to both sides of his limp body! Does he snap to attention & eagerly bolt to the door? No, he flops over and lies there-tail wagging madly! A spotted, limp dog wearing a hoodie, harness attached to a limp leash, madly wagging tail! So, I pick him up - carry him to the door, put my sneakers on - slide Schatzi, the frozen statue across the floor to the door (she thinks she can't move if she is wearing a sweater or hoodie), lift a prancing Xena down the stairs to the door & we are ready to go!

The minute the door opens - limp noodle suddenly comes to life & races down the ramp - like he was waiting forever for me to finally get ready!

Now, I usually don't mind playing the limp noodle game - just not on my short lunch break. I think maybe, it's just an Oskar thing.

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Ruby said...

Hi Oskar, Schatzi & Xena
That sounds like a fun game. I always try to prolong mom's visit at lunch time any way I can. I don't want her to go back to work.

Love Ruby