Saturday, October 4, 2008

Canine First Aid Course

Took a trip to Summerside today (sans wieners) to partake in a Canine First Aid Course, presented by Dr. Nicolle Gallant, DVM who practices in Kensington, PEI. The event was sponsored by the Lady Slipper Kennel Club and Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply.

This cutie pie's name is Emma - she just happened to be doing some shopping in the store. Sunnybrook Farm is very-pet friendly and not only sells pet and horse supplies, but holds agility classes.

Dr. Gallant and her trusty sidekick Sam.

Sam was a very good sport, allowing Dr. Gallant to demonstrate how to properly muzzle or restrain an injured dog, in the event of an emergency (so one wouldn't get bitten while attempting first aid).

Dr. Gallant also emphasized the importance of having a Pet First Aid Kit& what it should contain. I hope I never have occassion to need it, but have one safe at hand.

I found the course very informative & not only refreshed a few earlier learnings, but also gained new ones. I didn't know salt water can be toxic to dogs. Many tourists come vacation here from other provinces where their animals have previously swam in fresh water & drink the water. Then upon coming to PEI, they hit the salt water beaches & their pets end up getting sick from drinking ocean water.

All in all, worth the 55 km drive and attending the course.

Of course, I had to take a couple of pics on the trip back. This was an awesome family out enjoying some pasture time.

And the backbone of this province - one of a number of farms that litter the PEI landscape. Cool name, too!


mrbill15 said...

Everyone should take a class like this.

Ruby said...

I wish I could have taken this course. Ruby decided to tussel with the cat this am. After he got off, she couldn't get up & was squealing like a pig. I took her to the vet & $335 dollars later she is ok.

Love Ruby