Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visiting Cousin Wiggles

Xena and I went to visit Xena's cousin - Wiggles. Xena is unsure what pattern of dachshund Wiggles is - she doesn't seem to bark or dig or do any of the stuff that most doxies are famous for. We'll let you decide for yourself..............introducing Wiggle Gertrude Ezmerelda. I'm thinking maybe she is a pie-bald! (or not)

Of course, upon seeing Xena - Wiggles fled to the nearest hiding place. Can you guess where she is?

Whoa! There she is! Who knew?

Xena spent most of the evening - "watching" Wiggles sleep - almost willing her to move!

All to soon our holiday was over & it was time to head home!

This amazing pumpkin stood proudly at Mayfield Gardens, on our way out of St. Stephen.

We stopped in Sussex, NB - where the kritterkids made quite a scene with the locals! One lady said "they are the cutest things I have seen in Sussex in a long time."

Sussex has some amazing murals - here are but just a few we spotted on our downtown walk.

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