Friday, October 24, 2008


After much research and reading, we have switched the kritters to Fromm. This particular variety is Chicken A La Veg. The kibble bites are much smaller than the Solid Gold and this is a chicken based food, as opposed to fish based.

I considered the vet's recommendation of the prescription Urinary SO diet, but the formula includes ground corn, which is not only a filler, but Oskar does not tolerate corn. And since all three will be eating the same formula, Fromm seemed like a wise choice.

Fromm utilizes ingredients like fresh sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, cheddar cheese, & other fresh produce. It is recommened that a moist food of the same variety be added to the diet, so my pet food supply store is ordering a case in for us. We are adding an additional cranberry/blueberry powder supplement as well.
Xena has been prone to UTI's, so she should tolerate Fromm just fine. And Oskar, loves it - just because the kibble are smaller!!

My only small concern is the higher fat content of the diet, so have to watch their weight very closely.

I am happy to report that Schatzi is feeling much better & upon finishing her medication will undergo urine analysis.

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