Friday, September 5, 2008

Schatzi's Annual Check Up

Schatzi underwent her annual check-up today & I'm happy to report she is healthy & hearty! (and down 1 lb!) Her teeth are great, although she has one tooth that is chipped, but the vet sealed it when she had her dental in 2006, so for now, it is fine. (whew!).

Since she was a puppy, she tends to walk (or run) on three legs - very cute, but a true mystery as to why she does this! Upon examination of her hind legs, she has wonderful muscle tone & strong form, so she does use her leg enough. We suspect it is more of a habit, than anything - she feels she needs to "skip" along on three legs! (we do get some odd looks). With no back issue of late (knock on wood) we ode thanks to Vetri Disc. Thankfully, the two discs that are protruding on her spine haven't flared up for a number of months.

So, she passed her inspection for another year! Xena is due next month, I pray she fares as well!

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