Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miss Gopher Guts!!

It seems Miss Schatzi will never learn to not eat crap from the ground! It is a full time job watching her while out on walks to make sure she doesn't eat something disgusting! Well, apparently last evening I failed in that respect, as some ungawdly hour of the night - I was awakened with the all to familiar chortelling sounds coming from a certain dog bed!

I lept to action & raced with her to the toilet (it beats cleaning it up from the floor!). Seems crane flies & slugs don't mix! Enuf said!

My vet sees no harm in her eating the occassional dried worm from the sidewalk - there are worse sources of protein he claims! To think I spend copious amounts of money to ensure she gets fed the healthiest dog food on the market - when worms & slugs are more to her liking!

Go figure!

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