Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oskar Underwent Dental Surgery Today

Oskar spent the day at Abegweit Animal Hospital undergoing dental surgery. I'd like to report the surgery went well, however the opposite is true. Seems no matter how much we brush (and we do brush), he and Xena are prone to peridontal disease.

The tooth fairy could go broke in our house! Oskar had 13 extractions and has a mouth full of stitches. He was able to eat a supper of softened kibble & cooked ground beef & rice and is now resting comfortably.

Our vet was surprised his teeth had deteriorated in just under a year! And he reminded me again that dachshunds are not only prone to back issues, but peridontal disease, as well.

Little comfort for a sleeping spotted boy sprawled here beside me.

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Pat said...

I absolutely love this site and look forward to reading it every day. I truly believe my sister Charlotte has missed her calling, her skills for writing and entertaining others are second to none. Keep up the good work sis. xxoo