Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Confuzzled-Was Today Saturday??

Cause our hoomans were playing something called "hookey" from work! And we had a pawsome time outside in the glorious sun!

Mamma bought us some Timbits!!

Can I have one, Mamma? Pweaze!

I'll clean up the crumbs!!

What do you mean, they're all gone??

You're kiddin', right?

Dad's coffee mug!

Well, back to deck sitting - it's a big job supervising our hoomans constructing the pool deck walls!

But we'll make sure they do it just right!


Matilda said...

Hi Oskar, Schatzi and Xena!
Timbits!! Looks yummy!! Did you have some? I like your dads mug. It is Cool!
Have a nice weekend!
kiss kiss kiss

chloejessica said...

I just found your blog! Your dachshunds are so cute! I just have one for now, Chloe! They are the best! :)