Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rose & Didi Need Your Help!!

Rose and Didi

Tiny Paws has a lovely little 3 year old Chi mix in our rescue. Her name is Didi. After being hit by a car, she was taken to a vet, whom then called Animal Services, to help find a rescue to care for her. It was thought in the beginning that she might lose her leg, or not make it at all. Since she has come into Tiny Paws, our veterinarian has been able to save her life and her leg. She came through her surgery with flying colours and is recuperating well. Didi has wires and pins to hold the break together and is also mending from a degloved paw and many lacerations.
Didi's spirit is amazing and she certainly has the fight to live and regain most of her motor skills. It is still not known if she will have full use of the rear leg, or be able to bend it. If this is the case we will make sure she lives a full happy and healthy life.

Tiny Paws has to date almost a $2200.00 vetting bill for her care, as she also needed to be spayed and vaccinated. Her owners were not known, so she came to us as a stray. We would be grateful for donations of any amount to help with the costs of her vetting. Didi's surgeries and aftercare have been very expensive, but to look into those beautiful brown sad eyes, who could say No, not us for sure. We also have many dogs with us that need the standard vetting such as a Spay, Neuter, Vaccinations and Microchip, and many also need full blood panels done. We often see so many dogs who have not been cared for properly.

Tiny Paws is also caring for a 6 month old Pom Mix, whom also came into rescue on recommendation from a vet. Rose also has a broken leg that needed casting as well as a spay and vaccinations. She is also healing well from her surgery. Rose's vetting came to almost $1500.00 dollars but she is worth every cent and more.

We are asking again in the name of these two little girls to help us with their vetting costs.

Thank you on behalf of all the furkids and from all the members who work very hard to save these dear little souls.

Donations can be made online by PayPal or use the charitable donation link on our website www.tpdr.ca that generates an official tax receipt online or by cheque.

Please write us at terri.tinypaws@gmail.com for the mailing address. U.S. donations are graciously accepted but unfortunately, we are unable to issue a tax receipt

Sincere thank you in advance if you can find it in your heart to help us continue to care for these two little angels!

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Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Wieners
Those poor pups. We're so glad Tiny Paws is able to help them.
Love Ruby & Penny
PeeS - mom let us use her plastic to help out the pups.