Friday, September 3, 2010

Tropical Storm Warning Issued!

We got some nasty weather heading our way!! It's beautiful today-the calm before the storm! This is the warning issued from Environment Canada:

Queens County P.E.I.
10:46 AM ADT Friday 03 September 2010
Wind warning for
Queens County P.E.I. continued

Winds gusting near 90 km/h are expected with Earl on Saturday.

This is a warning that potentially damaging winds are expected in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

At 9 AM ADT the centre of hurricane Earl was located about 205 kilometres east northeast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina and is moving north northeast at 37 km/h. On its current track Earl is forecast to make landfall in the vicinity of Western Nova Scotia or the Fundy coast of New Brunswick Saturday morning.

It is likely that portions of Southwestern Nova Scotia will have wind gusts reaching or exceeding 100 km/h....Possibly reaching 130 km/h. Wind gusts reaching 90 km/h or higher are possible elsewhere over the above regions.

Heavy rain...Amounting to 40 to 70 millimetres will likely fall over portions of the Maritimes on Saturday as Earl tracks across the region....With southern and Central New Brunswick and Northwestern Prince Edward Island being the most likely areas to receive these amounts. Over many areas of the Maritimes very heavy downpours are likely...With 25 millimetres or more possible in one hour.

Higher than normal water levels are possible along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and over the gulf of st. Lawrence coastlines. However since the tidal cycle is not extreme..Severe storm surge impacts are not as likely as they would be otherwise.

However high waves and pounding surf can be expected along south and southeast facing coastlines around portions of the Maritimes with the arrival of Earl.

The hoomans will busy putting away patio furinture, pool toys & the bar-be-que this evening!

We did a check of our necessary requirments to ride out the storm.

1. Kibble - 35 kg bag - should last a day or two
2. Case of bottled water- Another cooler in the fridge
3. Pet first aid kit - Stocked
4. Treats, treats & treats - A few bags on hand
5. Freshly laundered snuggling blankets
6. Full pkg of pee pads - cause we ain't going outdoors in that!! No way!
(well, ok this is negotiable - see #4)

And it's been soooo hot here the last few days - we even got dunked in the pool last night!!! We'll post the proof tonight!


Life with 5 dogs said...

Stay Safe! We are not really getting thing in Manchester NH.

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Wonderful check list! Mommy wants me to ask you something: YOU LIVE NEAR P.E.I.?!!! That is here dream place. Have you heard of a tv series called Road To Avonlea? It is all about that place and we love it!

Agnes B Bullock said...

MOM needs a list like yours!!!! Please stay safe- our aunt Gingie lives in NJ and she is getting the rain and the wind today from Earl!

Oskar said...

Don't blow away freinds!

Nubbin' wiggles,