Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doggie Expo - Day #1

This weekend the PEI Humane Society is hosting
their annual Doggie Expo....Tiny Paws Dog
Rescue (the rescue group our Mom volunteers with) hosted a booth.....

And while Mamma didn't see any wieners at the is
a "pretend" one she spotted!

This nice lady & her dog volunteer with St.John Ambulance...

Whoa there...big fella! This awesome great dane...stood as tall as a horse (they had horse agility at the event...who knew horses did agility??)

Introducing...Harry...he is a certified therapy Corgi...he visits all the wonderful people in nursing homes...his sister Phoebe was there too...but she is a bit too "vocal" to be a therapy dog..

Ok...good thing Schatzi wasn't at the expo...cause this lady does Ferret Rescue...can you just imagine how much fun Schatzi would have chasing a ferret? Enuf said....

This is Riley...he is a regular at Global Pet Food, where Mama gets our good grub...his Mama works at Global & he suffers separation he goes to work with her...lucky boy!

And this little guy, sporting the bling Pedro...he is an agility dog...and boy is he super fast! His Mama and Dad operate Paws on the Beach Boarding kennels & they are involved in agility and flyball!

Today is Day #2 of the Expo...Mama & Xena are going to attend & be in the booth again. Hopefully, we get lots of member applications...cause without foster homes Tiny Paws can't help small dogs!!

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Benny and Lily said...

hope it is very successful
Benny & Lily