Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the Road!

Hi efurbuddy! We are back from a recent road trip....we went stayed with
our Nani for a few days...then...she came home with us for a visit!!

Here we are...all ready to hit the our car seat!
Schatzi luvs it...she is like a queen...but Oskar does not
like the car at all...and likes the seat even less!

Aren't these trees pretty...and they are
not snow covered...that is frost!

Here we are..enjoying some afternoon sun...when suddenly...
look what shows ups!! **Warning** - cover your eyes if
they are sensitive!!

A rotten squirrel!!! The lowest of the lows!!

And rotten squirrel's brother!! You can just bet
we ran them off in a hurry!

Just when we thought it could get no worse....this Morning
Dove dropped by..just to torment us!!

This security duty has us exhausted....time for a
much needed snoozle!!


Lovable Lily said...

Keep up the good "patrol" job!

I hate my car seat too.....

Lily Belle

Two French Bulldogs said...

and they had pesky squirrels!!
Benny & Lily

charlene and Storm said...

wow doggy car seats, i didnt even know they existed. very cool!!!

keep up the good work patrolling

Oskar said...

OH man, it looks like you guys had a run for your money with those dirty squirrels & that bird! I'm glad you got a rest.

Nubbin wiggles,

Doxie Rod said...

love the picture of them sitting in the sun! looks so comfy. and love the car seat, nice and safe!