Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Warning-Icky Pics

This is what happens when Oskar's litte body makes too much bacteria.......he starts out licking, the moisture causes bacteria & the bacteria looks like this....

We are awaiting instructions from our vet to see how to progress.
This is nothing we can's his own body working against him. And
treatment is antibiotics. It has been 3 months since he finished 40
days of treatment...he had a medicated bath, ( always a non-popular activity!) completely dried, &
Dermaocent & an antiobiotic cream is being applied.

Today is a snow he is snuggled with his

**Update** Our vet prescribed hopefully in a day or two
we will see a significant improvement.

Thank-u for the well wishes.


AMY ANN said...

Awww! Poor baby. It looks like it is very painful. Hope he heals soon.

Molly The Wally said...

Poor baby Oskar. We send POTP and good vibes. We hope the vet can sort something out. A big hug from us.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH OSKAR.... that looks so Sore and itchy. we are sending you a HUGE Batch of POTP. Hope the meds work QUICKLY.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

One of my dachshunds does this. She has never been as bad as yours. I found she is allergic to most dog foods.She now eats Eagle brand food. It is the duck formula. I have tried them all. It is spendy but works for us. Just a thought. I did this on my own. The vet didn't direct me. Good luck hope the poor baby gets better soon! Karen and the 3 musketeers! (Mattie, Harley & Cooper)

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