Monday, November 24, 2014

My First Night Home....

Mama is happy to report..I had a great problems at all!! I slept soundly in my crate, til about 4:00 am, then Mama decided to take me out for a potty break.

Not to brag or nuthin'...(and we don't want to jinx anything)...but I've done all my busy-ness....outside! Yep...I'm that good! And cute...did I mention cute? I luv squeaky toys...and I don't even try to rip their guts out!! I love to chase them when they get tossed down the hallway.

Oskar & I are getting "acquainted"...see...he's been the Boss...the Head Cheese...for a very long time time now...and he didn't realize...I'm a wire girl...I take no guff from when he barks at me...I barks right back! We're gonna get along just fine...

It's hard to get pictures of me..cause I'm such a busy girl...I've had my breakfast, gone for a short walk (I was a country the city noise traffic scares me a bit). I came from a wonderful registered breeder in Ontario...I was super good on the plane...and Mama & Dad picked me up at the airport in Nova Scotia. I know my Ontario family misses me bunches & bunches...but they know I am in the bestest home in PEI!!

I'm having a before lunch nap.
Oskar is snuggled in his bed in front of the fire & I'm in mine close by Mama!

Can't wait to meet all my friends in Bloggieville!!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness precious!! Welcome home
Lily & Edward

Lovable Lily said...

Cute for sure!

We're so glad that all is going so well and that you are going outside to do your thing. We know that Oscar will be a great teacher of many things too.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Susanne Claussen said...

Hello Liesel,
we miss you, your Mom "Sarotti" goes to the garden and looks for you and the human sibblings,keep wondering what you are doing..but we know, you found a wonderful home, that is a great comfort for us back in Onatario. We look at your pictures and see that you found the BEST place.
Please behave, and be nice to Oskar, you will wrap him around your little paws in no time :)
We are very proud off you, no accident, good Girl :)
Talk to you soon.
Sarotti and Family

Taffy said...

So sweet! I love that you bark back! Puppy barks are great!