Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oskar...Vet Visit

Oskar visited the room of doom yesterday...everyone at the clinic were very happy to see him & treated him like royalty. If you call having your nails clipped, blood sucked & pee stolen...treated like royalty.

Oskar's liver & kidney enzyme counts were very high...Dr. Condon explained the high liver enzyme count could be a result of the prednisone medication...we are stopping that immediately. As well as the Atopica....although he doesn't think it is affecting the counts...but it's better to cope with skin issues than failing organs.

He will continue to take kidney medication & a powder sprinkled on his food....and we will re-assess in two weeks...hopefully these measures will reduce the high counts. Otherwise, Oskar is looking & feeling okay...still eating well...enjoys going for nightly we are keeping our paws crossed.
At 14 1/2 ....every day is a blessing.

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