Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mosquito Bites?

This is one of the worst years for mosquitos that we have experienced. Apparently it is due to the amount of water we had from snow run off...perfect breeding ground.

Liesel has quite a few "crusty" scabs on her chest, belly & her inner back leg areas...they don't seem to itch or bother her...but we're going to pop into the vet clinic tomorrow morning & get them checked out. She does love to run in the grass & lawns when we are out on our not sure if she is getting bitten then or chewed during potty time.

We've had a number of wet, cool rainy days here too...which doesn't help with the bug situation...hopefully we are back into summer next week!

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Susanne Claussen said...

Bugs a very bad here in Sw Ontario as well.
Let us know, if you find something that prevents bites and really works;)
Greeting from Sarotti