Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Lovin'....

We've been having some pawsome weather....and even more pawsome family time!!

This pretty lady with me & my Dad, is Katherine...Dad's niece...all the way from Alberta!! (I'm showing her the proper way to surf guard the pool!)...

Family photo op...there's Nathan & my sister (Benson's Daddy & Mama), Aunt Liz & Dad & me...(sorry...Osk was having a snooze at the time..)

Katherine & our wonderful Uncle Kev...

Oskar & Dad...having a whirl around the pool...

We shared a lot of sun, fun, food, love & laughs...and we hope to make our weekend an annual event!!
(and did I mention food??)

1 comment:

Matilda said...

Hi Oskar, long time no see!
What a beautiful family you have!
And your new sister Liesel is so adorable !
My mom screamed, "Cute! cute! Cute!"
Of course, you too Oskar :D
Love Matilda