Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Annual Check Up...

It is hard to believe Liesel has been with us nearly a year...and it was time for her annual check up & immunizations.

Her weight is perfect...her body mass is excellent...no pudgy on this girl! She is in excellent health & barely noticed getting her shots. She was timid of Dr. Condon...that is her nature...in the waiting room she was Miss Bossy Pants...barking at everyone & letting them know she was in the house!

Of course, everyone said she is adorable...and she loved the attention & praise. And rightfully so....she is a dachshund after all!


Milton and Mr. Stubbs said...

We could have told the dr man that you are perfect! Did you get a treat or toy for such a good checkup? If not, you need to do some negotiating.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sounds like the perfect checkup
Lily & Edward

Matilda said...

Hi Liesel,
How great you are so healthy!

I miss Oskar...