Monday, June 6, 2016

S' Up?'s me Liesel!  Whatcha all been doing?  I've been keeping busy...I like to take my Dad for long walks..and go in the car...and bark at people.  (that last one...I like to do.... a lot).

It's been cold & rainy here...not my most favourite kind of the dachshund in me...hates rain!  (the rest of me doesn't much like it either).

And I like to play with my friend, Shelby...she lives next door.  She's a lot bigger than me...but we have fun together.

Mama likes to brag she finally has me on a feeding schedule...little does she know....I have her on my schedule.  It took her a while to figure out...I'm not a fan of plain kibble.  But when she finally started adding a bit of dehydrated raw patty (Orijen) to my kibble....I come on the dead run for meal times!  It's been a couple of months now....and I'm still licking my bowl clean...three times a day!

Dad's been busy pawing around in the dirt...and I've been laying on the deck watching him.  We make a pretty good team...and we seem to get a lot done.

Well, I see it's my nap time...chow for now!!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Keep mom on your schedule and all is well
Lily & Edward

Robin Whiskers said...

Nutin' much! I'm Christmas, and I'm a Dachshund running for da mayor of Blogville! Head over to my blog to check out my posts, and follow us too! And when the time comes, you can vote for me if you like in November! And did I mention I'm a show dog? Hope to see you at Paw Province!