Saturday, May 27, 2017

Doxies are Everywhere!!

Have you noticed that?  We seem to be everywhere...and on everything!!  I've gathered up some of my favourite sightings....these are just a few...

                                                                        Cute socks!!

                                                     How adorable is this canvas?

                                                   Gorgeous mug...perfect for any body!

                                            Who wouldn't love to sleep on these sheets?

                         Awesome wrapping paper!  (*hint - maybe for my upcoming birthday prezzies?)

                                             So classy...but then all doxies are classy!!

                                        Just in time for Canada's 150th Birthday celebration!!

                                                          A "wienerful" little note book...

                                                            How cool is this mug!!

                                            An adorable cushion to snuggle up with!!

                                                For those who love big cuppa coffees!!

                                                  Cute socks to keep your toes snuggly!!

                  This one we've been trying to luck yet!! Another adorable doxie canvas...

                                                            A sweet doxie cushion...

And that is all the stuff we have seen....for now!  Will keep my nose to the ground for more!

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Lovable Lily said...

We love all the cute stuff you've been finding in the stores!

Lily Belle & Muffin