Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bone-Chilling Temps!!

Well - it is, after all - winter! And winter in Atlantic Canada, eh? So, along with winter - comes those days when the temps drop into the minus double digits - and the windchill dips even lower!

There is not much wiener activity; the kritterkins are pretty much into stress-filled days, lazing by the wood stove or basking in the afternoon sun, dreaming of warm summer days!

Some days, it's tough to be a dachshund!


Ruby said...

Hi Wienerkins
We are experiencing the same weather in NW Ontario. It is -36C with the wind right now. It is supposed to warm up by the weekend and Environment Canada is forecasting +1 on Monday. Hurray.
Stay warm.
Love Ruby said...

We are freezing our little feet off here in Ohio! The current temp. is -4˚F with a wind chill factor that makes it feel like -20˚F! BRRRRRRR!!! Who turned off the heat? We think we'll just stay inside today. Thanks for visiting our blog!

Tinkerbell, Tucker and Oscar (one not-so-hot dog)