Monday, January 12, 2009

How God Made Dachshunds

I received this today - and wanted to share!


God made the little Dachsie to brighten up our day
He took a bit of sunshine- Laughter, love, and play
And rolled it up in a sausage shape just right for a hug
With bright eyes full of mischief set in its little mug.

With little paws a pattering, to take it here and there
And a cold wet nose - but then He thought, "Oh, what about the hair?
Shall I make it long and silky, or wiry, that's so sweet
Or make it simple, and have it smooth and satiny and neat?

And what about the color - how can I pick just one?
Shall it be Black, or Red or Brown or Dappled, just for fun?
He pondered while He made the world, And all the creatures great and small
And then the answer came to Him.

So remember that a Dachshund is special, from above
His coat of many colors is a sign of God's Great Love


Frankie said...

Thanks for stopping by Frankie's blog! Have you read the book God Gets A Dog? It's SO SO SO good. You have to go look for it. I got it for Christmas and read it in a day. Your poem reminded me of it.

Thanks for sharing!

Ruby said...

Hi Oskar, Schatzi & Xena
That is a great poem. Us doxies are gifts from god. Thanks for sharing.
Love Ruby

happy said...

That is a great poem! Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear Schatzi is doing really well now.

ihearthounds said...

We just caught up on your latest news and it's positively *wonderful* to know that Ms. Schatzi has made such a remarkable recovery. Hip hip hooray!!! Also, we love, love, love the painting of the doxie's "fishing." Where can we find a copy??? Please share!

Your friends,
The Rebound Hounds
A Blog Devoted To Disabled Dogs

Raising Addie said...

Another wonderful poem!

I am already lost without my Doxie.

Luv & Kisses