Monday, March 30, 2009

All Things Dachshund!

A "few" items I've collected! Okay, so it's a bit of an obession!

This dachshund decanter is sealed and filled with Cognac - hmmm, waiting for that special occassion!

This dachshund topiary - I purchased at Woofstock!

A couple of Avon collectables - the dachshund decanter is filled with a fragrence called "Somewhere"!

Some of my "stuffed" friends! Oops, is that a pug I see there? Musta snuck in!

Some of my ornament collection! The little one on the shelf, to the far right - was originally sold by Danbury Mint in the 80's. I purchased it at a flea market for $1.

This red beauty - found at a thrift shop for $2.00

This stoneware dachshund was a gift from a friend in rescue!

Dachchund stained glass lamp from Danbury Mint

A few signs of "warnings"!

Dachshund head leash holders!

Stained glass dachshund window decoration

And that is but a few of my favourite things!


Nibbles Treats said...

We love your collection! We have a really cool salt and pepper shaker set. They have magnetic noses so they look like they are snout to snout. We also have a notepaper holder that is magnetic also so it is on the refrigerator.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Joey and Maggie said...

Very nice. We're trying out a doxie topiary this year. Should be fun!