Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anything in There for Me?

Is there? Huh? Huh?


Frankie Furter said...

Hey there... Guess What.. YOU have a gate JUST like Mine!!!
I know there must be something grrrreat in there SPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!

melgeo126 said...

hahaha mine are ALWAYS nosy like that!

Sandra said...

Well...I don't know if it was originally meant for you...but...finder's keepers!

Flash, Alven and Dottie

3 doxies said...

Hehehehe...why do da hoomans always put grocery bags on da floor and then expect us not to get iin them....hoomans are soooo weirs.

SharnaeNicole said...

This is such a cute blog! I luv my dachshund too :)

Lorenza said...

Did you find it??
I hope so!
Kisses and hugs

Oskar said...

I hope you got a great treat!