Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is D.A.P.?

D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is a system that mimics the natural pheromones of a lactating female dog. Within three to five days after giving birth, the female generates pheromones that give their puppies a sense of well-being and reassurance, known as appeasing pheromones.

Because some dogs experience anxiety and/or stress, the D.A.P. diffuser system is often prescribed by veterinarians. It works simiiar to a Glade plug in! The refills are renewed about every 4 weeks.

Our veterinairan prescribed the system, along with medications to relieve Xena of her anxiety issues. She appears to be a bit more settled, but it will take a while for everything to come together.

PeeS - Mama is undergoing a *dental* of sorts, so we won't be blogging for a few days! And......another major snow storm expected tomorrow....but we're not worried, our hooman sister & our good buddy Nathan will take good care of us while Mama & Dad are away! Stay warm everyone!!


Joey and Maggie said...

Let us know how it works after a few weeks!

Lorenza said...

I hope the D.A.P. works well for Xena!
Aaand... I hope everything goes well for your mom with the dental thing!
Paws crossed!
Kisses and hugs

Sandra said...

That is so interesting. I had never heard of that, but it's almost like aroma therapy. Hmmm...I wonder if it would help Mr. Flash too...Let us know how it works out.