Friday, November 18, 2016

I Went Christmas Slopping!!

I'm feeling better, thanks for thinking of me!  After going for my morning walk...

I went Christmas slopping at Canadian Tire with Mama.  And guess what!!  I can go right in the store!!  How cool is that?  See?  The sign says so...we wish more stores were like this....everyone was real happy to meet me!!

So, here I am in the cart...ready with my list...

             OMG!!  Look at all the blow up toys!!  I really had a fun time watching

I begged Mama to take me to the toy section...I had a great time sniffing & checking out Snoopie!!
Ok...gotta focus on the task at hand....

    Okay...just gotta stop and enjoy the sites & sounds of all things Christmas!
    I can't wait for Santa Claws!!

                      We stopped to check out a couple of pretty decorated trees...

This was is my favourite!! 

I got to check out a squeaky toy...but I'll have to wait for Christmas!

One more trip by the trees on our way out...with the cart loaded...

And as we headed to the car...I got to see more big figures!!  I liked them a lot!!

I sure did enjoy my shopping adventure!  *yawn*
Now it's time for a snooze!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

You are so lucky! I love the Snoopy stuff
Lily & Edward