Thursday, August 26, 2010

No "Butt" Jokes, Please!!

I hadz a ruff day!! I visited the V.E.T. (again!!!) & my butt fection has worsened & really buggs me! Dr. Condon did smear tests (how degrading!!!) & prescribed low dose Prednisone & depending on the results, I may be forced to take antibiotics too!!

*sigh* And I see on Mama's calendar - I gots a grooming appointment tomorrow!!! More torture!!! Life just sux these days!!!


Hound Girl said...

Awww we have our paws crossed you start to feel better soon!!
You are one busy pup!!

Fred and Haylie

Minna Krebs said...

Agreed....da butt problem be nothing to joke about. Butt, I hopes yours feels better with da quickness!


Oskar said...

Seninding healing pup vibes & mom person prayers for your butt boo-boo!

I think your grooming appointment should be postponed, how much can one pup take??

Hugs & Love,

K-9 Katastrophe said...

I is sorry yoos don't feel well. I says a prayer for yoos.

Boxer wiggles,

Lorenza said...

I hope you feel better soon!
Kisses and hugs

Ruby and Penny said...

This sound painful. Hope your butt is ok today.
Love Ruby & Penny

Sandra said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and that people stop bothering your butt. How rude!

We are sending you good thoughts

Flash, Alven and Dottie