Thursday, August 8, 2013

Impromptu Vet Visit

I think I have mentioned before, we are noticing more and more that Schatzi's eye sight is failing. Just little things like not being on a piece of cheese before it hits the floor, but having to "sniff" it out or a piece of kibble needs to be placed directly under her nose for her to find it.

Since her annual check up isn't until January 2014, I felt it best to have Dr. Condon check her eyes. He did 2 or 3 little checks, including a tear test, glaucoma test & checked for cataracts. She does have small cataracts forming, but nothing that needs to be treated, but we will have check ups at 6 month intervals.

Of course, being the drama queen she is...getting her pawdicure would think they were torturing her! Worst part of the visit for her...that & getting weighed! To our delight, she is down in her weight...all those evening walks...are paying off!

For now, we will continue to be consistent with where things (water bowl,beds, etc.) are kept & have gates up at stair openings.

Hope everyone is having a pawsome summer!!!

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Lovable Lily said...

We're glad that you are taking all the precautionary measures in the house. We are not allowed to do stairs anymore since my surgery and have baby gates up too. Just goes to show how much we are loved!

Lily Belle