Saturday, February 18, 2017

So, my peeps arrived back in Snowy-ville & heard glowing reports of my perfect behaviour while they were away (except for the occasional temper tantrum & kicking my water dish around in my crate).  I let them know, in no uncertain terms...(the occasional poop on the floor) that abandoning me to vacay in the sunny south will not be tolerated.

Seems now that we have set that straight...I am back in charge & things are running again smoothly.  I partook in a lovely spa-di-cure yesterday..and took some much needed time to model my new fleece wrap the paw-rents purchased to placate me...along with a squirrel shaped cookie...(which was delicious btw) you can see we have some of the dreaded "white stuff" everywhere.  The result of four back to back snow storms...I must say I am enjoying the warmth of my new wrap..

So, Mama wants to share of couple of cool places she
 being this cool doggie bakery & grooming cool a shop is this??

And we don't have anything like this where I live...but 
how neat would it be to have your spadicure come to you?

And for your delicious viewing pleasure...a couple of the treats from Woofgang Bakery & Grooming

See the squirrel shaped cookie?  That is my favourite!!  

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Dona Kelly said...

Glad your peeps are back, especially with presents. Your new wrap is beautiful and looks quite stylish.