Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Annual Trek to Veseys Seeds

Not much spring like weather here today...a breezy & cool 3 degrees. But it was a perfect day to take a short road trip to Veseys Seeds & pick up seeds for our veggie garden.

This is Liesel's first road trip for seeds..

Oskar looking all dapper..

And here we can see the sky
is sun in sight..

Some pretty daffodils in bloom..ours are not blooming yet...

We have quite a few packages left over from last year
so we didn't need a lot of seeds...

Mr. Weatherman is forecasting sun & double digit temperatures for the next 6 days!! Holy Gwak-A-Molie! What are we gonna do in all that sun?

Maybe a bit of chillaxin' on the deck?


Dolly theDoxie said...

I love a road trip it looks like you had fun! Love Dolly

Susanne Claussen said...

Hope Liesel will not check, if your seeds are germinating...;)