Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let's Hope This Doesn't Backfire...

We switched Oskar's feed to Acana (Duck & Bartlett Pear)... a Limited Ingredient diet that is suited to "diet sensitive" dogs. Previously he had been fed a prescription HP small breed kibble from Royal Canin...at our veterinarian's insistence. Halfway through our second bag...we were losing the battle to get Oskar to eat...he absolutely hated his food. No matter what was mixed in with it...he would eat around it or spit it out.

It got to the point where he was unhappy all day...the reason being? He was hungry. His harness was loose...not a good sign, so Mama sprung into action. Since Liesel is loving her Acana kibble..Mama spoke with the owner of the food supply store..describing Oskar's medical issues & IBS concerns...and Acana have three choices for LID (Limited Ingredient Diet).

We chose the Duck & Bartlett Pear variety...and we can't believe the difference in meal times! As with Liesel....there was no slow switch to the new kibble..the old kibble was left in the bowl & the Acana eaten right up. It's been three days...no ill side effects...just one happy guy..content now that his belly is getting full.

Prednisone will cause increased hunger...but since switching food..Oskar is not begging to be fed all the time. No tummy woes or issues so far.

We are not compensated by Acana..just sharing our positive experinece with their products. We give it four paws up.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

I'm miss picky pants. We eat Canine Caviar cause you can switch around their kibble flavors
Lily & Edward