Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Puppy Chow....

No, not the brand Puppy Chow...just puppy food in general. Ever since Liesel joined us, she has been fed Wellness Puppy food. It's a good food...having all the nutritional requirements for a growing puppy. But the catch is she has never liked it.

We have never been able to get into a feeding schedule ...she just nibbles here & there. Now Oskar's kibble...she likes! The problem is that he is fed a prescription diet...to alleviate his IBS flare ups. It is not by choice, but rather necessity he is required to eat a specialized diet & taking Prednisone...he is quite happy to eat anywhere...anytime! His kibble does not, however supply a busy wire girl with the required fat, protein, etc. a growing puppy needs.

Mama chose to try Acana puppy small breed kibble...it is Canadian made in Alberta..

An attempt was made to make the transition slowly...but Liesel simply left the Wellness in her bowl & ate the Acana. Mission accomplished!

She still is not a regimented eater. The daily amount of Acana for her weight is 2/3 C/day. Mama puts 1/3 C in her bowl in the morning..and offers it to her throughout the day...(whenever Oskar's tummy gong goes off), usually. Liesel prefers to have her meal late in the day....early evening.

So, that is the "schedule" or lack thereof that we go with. Never had a dachshund that wouldn't eat at the drop of a hat!

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