Friday, December 5, 2008

Brake Fast Bowl

Xena is our resident gobbler of food! (she doesn't chew her food). While reading Dog Fancy, I saw an ad for the "Brake Fast" Bowl. A bowl designed to prevent your dog from inhaling their food.

The bowl claims to reduce the risk of "bloat", slower eating makes the dog feel full, is available in sizes small, medium & large, is dishwasher safe and kibble or canned food can be used.

Sounded to good to be true!

So, I ordered one & have been using it for a number of months now. The bowl slides around the floor - another idea implemented to slow down eating time.

While I can't say that Xena is actually chewing her food, the bowl does slow her down, which is what the bowl is designed to do. And Xena has figured out how to eat - without having the bowl move around on her! Smart little dachshund!

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