Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comfort Bears

Our dear friend, Auntie Margaret strikes again!! Look what arrived in our mailbox-Comfort Bears! They are so cute & a great alternative to a hot water bottle.
These wonderful bears are the creation of Joan at for anyone who could use a comfy, warm friend on those cold winter nights. You just pop them in the microwave until they are toasty warm!

We plan to use one in Schatzi's Outward Hound bag-she will be warm and snuggly while we partake in our evening walks!

Thank you so much, Auntie Margaret!

PS-Be sure and check out her new blog


Maddoxies said...

You are very welcome. Joan has been extra busy, so it took a bit of time for them to be made for you. We thought that Schatzi might be missing snuggling with Xenia during Schatzi's crate rest, so a Comfort Bear was our thought of a substitute. The warmth may help her back to feel better too, while she is recovering. It is nice to have a little "heater" in the carry bag too, my Heidi enjoys that as well.

These are not toys. Joan can stuff them with an alternative material if they are to be toys instead.

Happy snuggling to all the pack.

Raising Addie said...

Very cool bears!

We are sooo happy that Schatzi is improving!

Ruby said...

I like the idea of being able to take a little safe heater along with you. Ruby has a Outward Hound car seat and I would be nice to leave one with her when you make the quick dash into the grocery store.
Love Ruby