Thursday, November 27, 2008

Schatzi is in the Bag!!

It was such a lovely, mild evening (after that little blast of winter last week!) we rounded up the posse & headed out for a short walk around the neighbourhood. Schatzi was quite happy to be out in the fresh air & enjoyed her ride in the Outward Hound bag (which Auntie Margaret lovingly mailed to us when Xena underwent back surgery two years ago).

Schatzi even felt up to having a little tussle with her squeaky!

And not to be left out - or feel neglected - a handsome pie-boy!!


Raising Addie said...

Oh Schatzi I am so glad that you are feeling well enough to enjoy your toy!

I am thankful that you are feeling better, friend!

Maddoxies said...

I am so glad that Schatzi enjoyed her outing.

My Heidi does not seem to be too comfortable in her bag; her face seems to get squished against the end of the bag. I took several layers of heavy cardboard and wrapped them with packing tape to make a "floor" for the bag. That little bit of support makes her much more comfortable. I was worried about her back, too, with the bag "sagging" in the middle.

This might give Schatzi a bit more support too.

Good to see her feeling better.

Ruby said...

What a great way for Schatzi to get some fresh air & be able to go for a walk. I'm glad she is up to a bit of playing.
Oskar you are a very handsome dachshund.
Love Ruby

Maggie&Bandit said...

what a great bag! Maggie wants one now...we've pulled all the staff's catalogs onto the floor to see if we can find one. then, we'll leave it sitting out as a big hint.

ihearthounds said...

We are quite familiar with the Outward Hound sling. It was *so* useful when Greta was recuperating from her spinal surgery. We recently graduated to a deluxe pet stroller (it's a bit easier on mom and dad's backs!), but we keep the sling handy for quick trips and hikes where the stroller wouldn't work. So glad to hear that Schatzi was able to get some fresh air - hang in there everyone!

Your friends,
The Rebound Hounds
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