Monday, November 10, 2008

Schatzi is Coming Home

Schatzi is being discharged this afternoon, we will be happy to have her home! Now the long road to recovery begins. We were unaware, until yesterday, that she had lost use of her right hind leg as well as her left, before going into surgery on Friday. They reported yesterday that she is able to stand, albeit very brief.

Looking forward to having our little Diva home.


Ruby said...

That is such good news. And even better that she is able to stand.
Take care of your little Diva.
Ruby & Joyelle

Maddoxies said...

With so much debris, it is understandable that both legs were temporarily affected. Once she is back home under your loving care I know she will do well.

Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! I'm so happy that Schatzie is coming home and know that she will be so much happier and recover well under your TLC. Sending more prayers her way.

Pam in Ottawa

Joey and Maggie said...

That's great news that she is coming home. Long road to recovery is right. She's in great hands with you though, and thanks for all the updates. We're sending lots of wishes your way.

Joey and Maggie