Thursday, November 20, 2008

Xena's Dental Surgery

Xena is a very sad little wire girl tonight, she underwent dental surgery this morning. While she did not lose all her remaining teeth (thankfully) she did have 6 extractions. The extractions were mostly due to a condition called absorption (more common in cats apparently), but occassionally an issue with canines.

She had a soft supper and is resting as comfortably as can be expected. Pain medication was administered during her surgery, which should eliminate some discomfort.


MsDaisymae said...

Oh, poor Zena. Thankfully they didn't have to remove all her teeth. I've never heard of that condition. Sam had his 2nd dental since we adopted him last month,(no extractions though:) I'm now using Leba 111 spray for their teeth and I think it's helping.

Ruby said...

Poor Sweetie.
I feel for you. Sore teeth, mouth is the worst. Lots of nerve endings.
Take care. Take advantage of all that extra loving.
Love Ruby & her mom

Maddoxies said...

Poor Xena, life is rough sweetie. You have some extra naps with your sister Schatzi and you will feel better in no time.

Don't bark at the mailman next week, as he is bringing you (and Schatzi and Oskar) some presents from us

Love from the Rescue Rangers.

ihearthounds said...

We are sending many good thoughts your way Xena - hang in there sweetheart! Dentals are never any fun (Greta had 8 extractions last spring and Dewey had a whopping 11 just the other month), but ultimately you'll be much healthier this way and your kibbles will probably taste better too!

Your friends,

The Rebound Hounds
A Blog Devoted To Disabled Dogs

Raising Addie said...

Poor Zena!

We hope your mouth is feeling much better now.